So I can call myself a writer now….

So it is out in the open now. I have written a novel and it is out on Amazon. A wider circle of people now know. I can safely say to be people that I am a writer. They can ask that question and I can say ‘Oh, a novel.’ Previously, I always avoided using the word writer. Even though every spare second was spent writing. Anyway, I had an real job. And that was what I gave as my occupation if anyone new asked. It would have been pretentious to use the word writer before this point. And a little embarrassing. I’m not sure why I thought that I needed the solid proof of being published but otherwise, I think, it would have seemed a little too much like intellectual masturbation.

I was always writing though. I think that as I have not previously mentioned it, people think Shattered Reflections appeared fully formed in the months since I have been unemployed. However, this is a work that has been years in the making. Writing sentences, paragraphs whenever I had the chance: on the train to and from work, when I had finished planning lessons, instead of reading in bed at night, while I ate my breakfast. Notebook upon notebook which then had to be typed up, checked and checked again. Without the last months of employment freedom, I would never have managed the final steps but the actual novel was virtually finished by then.

But now I am getting used to saying it. Although still with a small feeling of silliness. As if it is still not quite real. Perhaps because I am not making very much money from it at the minute which means I will have to get a ‘proper job’ when the money starts to get a bit low. And I’m getting used to the ‘oh I’ve always thought I would like to write a book but I wouldn’t know where to start.’ Well, you just start. For me, there was never any choice but to write. I’m not expecting to become a best-seller or make millions. (I mean, it would be nice, obviously but it is not my main motivation.) Regardless of how many copies I sell, how much people like it, I will always write because I have to and because I enjoy it.

5 thoughts on “So I can call myself a writer now….

  1. Best of luck with Shattered Reflections. My first novel is due out on 1 November. I’m doing some pre-publicity so I have also “come out” as a writer to friends/family this week! And, I got the “I couldn’t possibly do it” remark too. Everyone has been brilliantly supportive and excited for me so it was really nice, but actually scary beforehand. I think it is that feeling that your work might not be quite good enough so it is presumptuous to call oneself a writer! I have steered clear of the titles “novelist” and “author” though as I don’t think you can claim them until you’ve written at least three!!

  2. They can ask that question and I can say ‘Oh, a novel.’

    This will be me in a year or so’s time. I really want to tell people that I am a writer, but I feel that I have no real answer to their inevitable question… ‘what have you written?’.

    Pointing them to a few short stories and a blog doesn’t feel right (even though I do not think it makes me any less of a writer).

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