The characters of Choose Yr Future

The main characters are: –

The Middle Third

Erica Watson  (née McDonald) – Erica is a teacher at the Ofsted approved Academy for Intellectual Pursuits for her sector. She teaches history which involves ensuring that the pupils learn the Government accepted version of events. However, it is clear to her pupils that a lot of what she has to teach makes her very angry. And why is it that husband Liam often doesn’t always  know where she has been or what she has been doing?

Liam Watson – Liam and Erica meet in a dating bar along with Gareth and Suzanne.  They very quickly agree to get married. Liam is the very essence of a good citizen but is there a reason that he is so keen to get married?

Suzanne Paul – Suzanne is close friends with Erica as she works in the office at the Academy. She is older than Erica and is constantly worrying about being left on the shelf. When she meets the young and handsome Gareth, it seems that her prayers are answered but will things run smoothly for her?

Gareth Griffiths – Gareth is a lot younger than Liam so doesn’t have to worry very urgently about being married yet. However, as he has little experience with women, Liam has encouraged him to start to date. But Gareth has his own problems with the idea of marriage. When he meets Suzanne, he decides he might as well marry her as anyone.

The Upper Third

Gina Richardson – Gina is in Erica’s class and is top of the class in most of her subjects. Even in maths and science for which it is written that women are unable to excel. Certainly, she will not be able to pursue a career where either of these will be of use to her. She becomes increasingly frustrated with this and with her romantic possibilities.

James Patterson – James is Gina’s boyfriend and is also in Erica’s class. He is sporty and intelligent and sure to do well in all of his subjects. However, when Billy Laing joins their class, he finds his life moving in new and unexpected directions and his studies become a secondary concern.

Andrew Mulholland – Andrew is a doctor and is head of medicine for this sector. He is also the leader of The Group. He is a charismatic man who is easily able to persuade people to follow him. However, he is haunted by the death of his lover at the hands of the government. Will he be able to keep his anger and pain in check?

The Lower Third

Joshua Brown – Joshua is a servant to Gina’s brother, Lachlan. He is clumsy and was very lucky to be able to secure a serving position at all. Lachlan is a mean and violent master who often punishes Joshua with his fists. Joshua tries to keep his head down and serve as well as he can but it is never enough.

The Outside

Jonny Wellmerry – Jonny is a teenage Clanner who has run away before his bloodmatch so that his family don’t discover he is gay. He is found by The Group who take him to live in the Outside. Jonny finds he has a talent for intimidation and violence that the Group find all too useful.