Shattered Reflections

Shattered Reflections is a novel that examines the links between violence and  gender / sexuality, particularly between masculinity and homosexuality.

The main characters George and Jamie have been friends for the whole of secondary school. However, when George discovers that Jamie is gay and that he is in love George, his reaction is one of violence and aggression as he begins to make Jamie’s life a misery. George’s difficulties with his sexuality leads both boys down a turbulent path towards a final act of brutal violence.

The novel begins following this violence, in a hospital room with one of the boys seriously injured and then works back through events that have led to this drastic event.

My main concern when writing the novel was thinking about the difficulties people faced when they felt they could not conform to societies expectations of them – particularly gender expectations. This can lead to violence being directed towards others or towards the self.  This is explored in Shattered Reflections through the character of Nick who self harms rather than deal with his problems.

Check it out here

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