Shattered Reflections is set in Sheffield. However, while I enjoy books that describe perfect depictions of the places they are set (such as the Rebus books by Ian Rankin or The Crow Road by Iain Banks) this was not my intention here. Shattered Reflections is much more psychological than descriptive so there really isn’t that much description of the setting anyway.

The setting is a mix of real and imagined. Some places exist such as The Showroom – the excellent independent cinema in Sheffield’s centre and Pink Glove used to be a LGBT night at the university. But the school that Jamie and George go to is imagined as is the park between their houses although I live near Graves Park and that was no doubt in my head when I was writing those sequences.

Most of the pubs are imagined or not in Sheffield. There is a New Union in Manchester which I used to frequent as a student but I wasn’t particularly thinking of it. Others such as The Roscoe are completely imagined. I wanted the freedom to be able to twist locations to how I wanted them and so didn’t want to be constrained by using real places.

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