Choose Yr Future – Coming Soon

I am currently in the process of editing Choose Yr Future, my second novel. It is a dystopia, set eighty years in the future. It is a world where nobody has any choice in anything. The best job for you is decided when you leave school, your diet is set by the Government. The options open to you depend on your class and gender. It is world ruled by stereotype and strict divisions between the sexes and the classes. Marriage is obligatory and traditional. The production of offspring is a must. It is a moral and financial duty. The Government takes good care of its citizens – they control health and welfare as closely as they control jobs and opportunities –  as long as they conform.

This is world where you must fit the expected role and if you do not, then punishment is swift and often lethal. No one wants to end up on the stage at A Gathering, charged with breaking one of the commandments of state and church. The crowd choose the punishment and you can bet they are going to choose the most bloodthirsty method.

Outside of the law and outside of society are The Group. Viewed by the Government as a terrorist group, they are the biggest threat to national security. Members consist of all those who cannot or will not fit into their prescribed role. Headed by the charismatic Dr Mulholland, they steal, they set off bombs and they remind people that there is another way.

The novel gives a varied view of what life is like in this future world. It follows Gina, a teenage girl who lives in privilege in the Upper Third, Erica and Suzanne, who live and work in the Middle, Gareth, a Lower Third who has been promoted through education and Jonny, an outsider from the Clan Classes. At first their lives are completely separate but events are destined to bring them closer together.


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