The World of Choose Yr Future

The world of Choose Yr Future is ruled by stereotypes. Imagine if every stereotype about you was taken seriously and you had to live your life by it. This is what the men and women in Choose Yr Future face. They have to live by commandments that ensure only typical behaviour is allowed and they are only allowed jobs that are traditionally associated with their gender.

Class is also a factor in what jobs people are allowed to do. Society is divided into thirds – Upper, Middle and Lower. Upper Third schools have the most money and the pupils have the most advantages. They are the class from which doctors and lawyers spring. They run the banks and the businesses. They control politics and so can ensure that they keep control of society. By contrast, lower third schools have little money and resources and the education their pupils gain suffers as a result. They are only educated to the point where they can do vocational jobs.

Social relationships are also carefully controlled. There is no way to meet someone socially who is not of your class. The only way the classes meet is through the various ways that the Middle and Lower Thirds serve the Upper. There is no such thing as social mobility.

All citizens, regardless of class, must be married by the age of 30. Reproduction is the sole aim of marriage and women have to have a family. All relationships that do not end in reproduction are banned by the Government.

All infractions of the rules are severely punished. Punishment is public and takes place at regular community get-togethers called Gatherings where the perpetrators are paraded in front of their contemporaries. When the death penalty is called for, the community decides the method by voting on their handhelds.

How would you survive in this world? Would you obey, make sure you didn’t stand out? Or would you fight back even though the consequences, most likely, would be the hospital or death? This is what the characters of Choose Yr Future Must decide.