Happy Birthday Blog

Well, it doesn’t seem like two minutes but WordPress informed me yesterday that my blog is indeed two years old. Back then I was so nervous and really unsure as to whether there was any point to blogging. Now I feel like I’m losing out in some great conversation if I don’t write posts or read them.
I really enjoy writing posts – particularly book reviews as obviously they have a ready made subject matter and aren’t just me wittering on. Or ranting. That’s always a possibility. And it still makes me crazily happy when someone likes a post or follows my blog. It also always surprises me that people might want to read my random thoughts. There really is no accounting for taste.
I haven’t had massive sales of Shattered Reflections but I never really expected to. I have had some four star reviews on Amazon and that is pleasing for the minute. Of course it would be disingenuous to say I wouldn’t like to make lots of money but at the same time I would continue to write even if every review I had was dreadful. It something I have always done and will always do regardless of sales.
Now I have finished marking exam papers and there is only a week of school left, I’m starting to look forward to getting some serious writing done over the summer. And I’m looking forward to the next year of writing this blog.

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