Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Places to Read

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

How it works:

I assign each Tuesday a topic and then post my top ten list that fits that topic. You’re more than welcome to join me and create your own top ten (or 2, 5, 20, etc.) list as well. Feel free to put a unique spin on the topic to make it work for you! 

This week’s Top Ten is Favourite Places to read. I don’t really think about finding a special place to read. I always have a book about my person but it is more time than place that usually stops me from reading. Nonetheless, here are some of the places where it is good to read. Not quite ten but never mind.

  1. Bed – This is the place I read most often. I even get up early when I am going to work so I have time to read. It is a nice way to start the day and ensures that if nothing else, I get some reading done everyday. I used to read before I went to sleep but these days I’m often too tired to contemplate it.
  2. The sofa – This is the place I’m most likely to be found reading. I have a two seater sofa to myself as mu husband likes to sit in the easy chair. Often during lockdown, I would sit here for a few hours reading. One of the nicer things about lockdown was having the time to sit for a while and concentrate on reading.
  3. On the bus – As I can’t drive, I have to use public transport to get to work. Sometimes this involves two buses. Reading means that the time is not wasted. It means I actually look forward to my daily commute rather than hating it.
  4. On the train – This is different from getting on the bus. Usually it is a longer journey so it is a lot more relaxing. It is often the start of a holiday so again it feels different from the daily commute.
  5. In the bath – I used to love to read in the bath. I considered it the perfect relaxation. However, after a series of dropped books, I have given this up.
  6. In the pub – I often read in the pub if my husband is watching sport that I don’t like. Also, it is a good way to avoid being talked to if you are waiting for someone.
  7. At work – At the minute, I work in a school that has a program called Drop Everything And Read which means at a given time, lessons stop and everybody reads. It is always enjoyable to be able to have twenty minutes in the working day to be able to read.
  8. In the waiting room – Not really a favourite place but a place I often find myself reading these days.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Places to Read

    1. That does sound relaxing. I’ve never really tried audiobooks, to be honest. I’m not very good at concentrating in that sort of way. Maybe I’ll give it a go.

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