The End of Eclectic Reader 2015


Well, that is another Eclectic Reader Challenge finished. And as ever, it has led me to some interesting books and into some unusual genres. Some I certainly would not have read otherwise, some I was looking for an excuse to read.

My favourite book of the challenge was Just My Type by Simon Garfield for the genre of Microhistory. This is an interesting and informative look at the history of fonts. It certainly opened my eyes to the amount of fonts around us and made any journey I took straight after, both a joy and a pain as I assessed all the fonts around me.

Most of the books I read, I was happy with. The only real disappointment was Before I Go To Sleep which I expected to love as I had really loved the film. However, I found it a harder concept to deal with in the book and by the end of it I could no longer suspend my disbelief.

I’m pleased to have finished the challenge with plenty time left. I wasn’t sure I was going to manage it as I didn’t pick books that crossed over with other challenges. I’m looking forward to next year already.

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