Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

It’s a while since I’ve written a blog post that wasn’t a book review and, I admit, it makes me feel a little guilty. Like I’m not quite keeping up my end of the bargain. The modern equivalent of a pile of unanswered letters. There are reasons, of course – well, there always are.

So this by way of apology – for the past month and for the future. a brief hello to tell you I won’t be in touch for a little bit longer.

It’s that stupid busy time of the year again. Exams are fast approaching and that is the start of the extra work. Then there is the marking of them and I’ve doubled my workload this year so it is going to be even more difficult to keep the blog running. So far I have managed to keep the reviews going but whether I’ll be able to do that over the next month or so remains to be seen.

I have also been working hard on my writing. Any spare minutes go towards working on my two current projects. Hopefully, there will be some progress on that front to but again, not for the next month.

I’m looking forward to July. School finishes and hopefully I will be able to put my heart and soul back into the things I love rather than the things that make me money.

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