Writing Prompt – Make a list of the things that make you angry and then choose one of them to write about

This is quite an easy prompt for me as just about everything in the world makes me angry these days. Or if not angry at least a little irritated. So I am being quite restrained in keeping this list to ten things. There was a temptation, once I’d started, to just keep going. 

Writing prompt from 642 things to write about – Make a list of the things that make you angry and then choose one of them to write about. 

  1. Homophobia / Racism / Sexism
  2. Reality TV
  3. Stupidity
  4. Current education policy / Ofsted
  5. Mainstream music / film
  6. Modern parenting
  7. Ads with celebrity voiceovers / cameos
  8. People who are famous for nothing
  9. My computer’s inability to work for more than half an hour without crashing
  10. Trivial facebook statuses – I really don’t care what you are eating / watching / listening to right now.

Ads with celebrity voiceovers / cameos

Why does nobody ever seem to think about what they are advertising? Celebrities seem all too willing to sell their soul to whoever will give them the most money. And for a lot of them, it can’t be an issue of need. So why do it? Exactly how are we supposed to take David Mitchell seriously as a cultural commentator now that he has done a voiceover for that Phones For You advert. Surely the sort of nonsense he would be only to happy to ridicule if it were anyone else. But it’s okay. Just so long as he got paid shed loads.

The current king of all this is Kevin Bacon. Once a fairly good actor, now purveyor of dubious mobile phone promises. Whenever I see him, I feel let down. I’m not sure if it’s the chummy, smugness of his tone or the deadness of his expression that is more annoying. Whatever it is, I doubt I could ever take him seriously on the big screen again. Still, I’m sure the huge amount of money he got paid more than makes up for the loss of his dignity. 


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