A Book with my name on it

So, I am working through the proofs of Shattered Reflections. It is exciting for a number of reasons. It is strange (and, of course, most excellent) to see the words I’ve written in the form of a book rather than the manuscript on my computer screen. It makes it so much more real.

This also makes it more scary. My emotions fly between wild enthusiasm and being absolutely petrified. They also fly between thinking that my work is great and thinking what on earth do you think you are doing. Mostly I know that what I have written is good but this knowledge doesn’t stop me thinking that nobody else is going to agree.

Next step – when proofs are sorted – is to sort out a Facebook page. So I will be calling on people then to like it.



2 thoughts on “A Book with my name on it

  1. Wow – can’t believe I missed this (what is my facebook feed playing at – does it really think I’m more interested in pictures of cats and who’s in what pub than this?) Been reading over the blog archive, all very exciting, and not before time. Can understand the mixed emotions, but hope the enthusiasm wins out. I’m sure it’s not just good but great – you’re too much of a perfectionist to write anything less than great. Good luck with it all, look forward to hearing more. x x

  2. Wow Kath how exciting! Just catching up on all of this. Can’t wait to read the book when it is published and will certainly follow progress on the blog and Facebook. Good luck! x

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